Outsourced Coding

Due to the complex and constantly changing nature of CPT coding in our high-risk specialty areas, coding and charging accurately can be challenging. Let us help – turn your procedure coding over to ZHealth.

Our physicians author the ZHealth Publishing reference manuals, the premier source of coding information for these specialty areas. They exclusively code these difficult procedures. ZHealth’s outsourced coding allows you to confidently submit claims to the payer, knowing that your reimbursement will be appropriate.

* Option – Prospective Coding with Education
Send us your challenging cases, already coded by your facility. We evaluate the dictated report and code it, checking it against your coders work. We provide an explanation for any discrepancies we detect, thereby offering completely customized coding support for your organization. This helps your coders learn the correct way to code and provides an archival coding database of difficult cases for future reference.

Stay compliant with constantly changing CPT codes and guidelines in this high-risk area targeted by RAC auditors and other Medicare reviewers. Significantly reduce your Medicare compliance risk through outsourced coding with ZHealth.


  • Our physician coders review the procedure documentation and assign the appropriate CPT codes, indicating when documentation is incomplete

  • Detailed reports are provided for each case (these reports may be used as an educational resource for your coding staff)

  • We can code a few cases – or all of your cases – based on your facility’s needs