ZHealth Documentation & Coding Software

Physician documentation and coding have never been so easy. 

What: Structured documentation and coding software for cath lab procedures

  • Detailed anatomic entry diagrams [that include anatomic variants, grafts and “zoomable” vascular detail] allow accurate structured documentation creation and coding for even the most complex procedures
  • Includes coronary, cardiac chamber and peripheral diagnostics and interventions
  • Built on our proprietary coding engine with accurate coding outputs for physicians and hospital billing
  • Seamless integration of visual diagrams within our structured documentation output

Why: Quickly generate the most accurate, up-to-date CPT codes and modifiers possible today

Easy-to-use visual interface (Nuance enabled)

  • A unique visual-based approach to data entry (rather than text-based)
  • These visuals, the same anatomical drawings from our coding reference books, have been imported into the software and serve as the backbone of the user interface.
  • Physicians are completing documentation by interacting with a human body map, allowing for a faster and more accurate entry of diagnostic findings and interventional procedures than any other method.

Technical capabilities:

Cutting-edge: Built using the latest software and coding technology, thereby ensuring a seamless experience in terms of both usability and accuracy.

Up-to-date: Software is updated immediately as guidelines change and procedures evolve

Accurate: Detailed physician input is rapidly collected through ourvisual interface for accurate documentation and coding, correct reimbursement, and compliance with current established coding guidelines. And the documentation, coding, & registry data always match, enabling a profoundly new and improved workflow in the cath lab.

Fast: Our unique visual-based approach to data entry makes the entire documentation and coding process much quicker and user-friendly than any other documentation system. Coding output can be reviewed by your coders or sent directly to your billing system upon completion of documentation.

Custom: We can provide a tremendous amount of customization for each facility due to our web-based architecture & data-driven application. We can also push updates to the coding engine seamlessly (and re-run old cases if the codes change).

System Compatibility: Interoperability with existing EHR and other software systems. Fully integrated interface engine capabilities support HL7, IHE, and NCDR PCI & PVI outputs. Additional output formats are easily supported.

Created by the industry’s leading experts at ZHealth, who have worked with hundreds of hospital cath labs and thousands of physicians over the past 15+ years.

It’s the next best thing to having ZHealth coding for your hospital.