ZHealth Consulting works with your physician practice to provide coding solutions to maximize appropriate reimbursement and ensure compliance. Our physicians, who have performed these procedures and are expert coders, complete 100% of all reviews. Their expertise provides you with peace of mind that all coding is done correctly. This allows you to focus on what you do best -­ serving your patients.

ZHealth Consulting Services for Physicians:

“We have been using ZHealth for a couple of years now and find their knowledge of Cardio and Vascular Surgery unmatched. They discuss issues directly with our doctors at a level only an experienced physician could.

As a result, our physicians are much more accepting of their reviews and value their expertise. With ZHealth Consulting reviewing our catheter services prior to billing Medicare, we are comfortable knowing that there will be no compliance issues or unbundling denials.”
Donny Flores, CPC, CPCO, Director of Business Services, Sansum Clinic

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Dr. Z’s Story:

In 1992, component (CPT) coding came out and I learned it to get paid appropriately for the procedures I performed. I became the top biller in my medical group because I understood the coding and documentation. We owned our own coding company and I reviewed every case done by the interventionists each Friday with my coders, where we agreed on the codes/modifiers for submission. We gave them to our billers, who ran them through the scrubber. When the scrubber flagged a potential issue, the billers took off the modifiers instead of investigating further. So, we didn’t get paid for many of the procedures we actually did. When I audited our group a year later and found that 40% of our procedures weren’t reimbursed, I was very concerned. I realized this miscommunication probably occurred at many physician practices and hospitals if it was happening in my own practice…

We have since discovered a hard truth regarding healthcare coding and reimbursement.  Inaccuracy is not just a coder issue, or a tech issue, or a business office issue, or even a physician’s documentation issue– it can be any one of them, or all of them. And ZHealth Consulting helps fix the entire process so the right bill goes out the door, every time.